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Custom Dog Bed

Since my brother has a dog and my dad just got done building my brother a bed frame he decided to also build the dog a matching bed frame as well.


Custom Bed Frame

2012 Goals

Just a list to make myself more accountable for what I usually say I want to do but never actually do.

Web Related

Find more clients/work for design/dev business
Create and sell 6 WordPress themes
Work on making a larger residual income with AdSense
Help people learn more about websites and WordPress
Get hired on with Automattic
Blog more

Financial Related

Make a larger amount of money and more consistent
Get hired on with Automattic
Buy a better car than I have now or fix up my ’66 Mustang
Make $5000 profit in one month

Fitness/Health Related

Bench press my bodyweight
Lose fat. Build muscle.
Get to ~220lbs
Eat cleaner and healthier (only way to build the muscle and keep the fat off)

Hard to say if I will get all of these done…..BUT, at least now I have something to look back on and hopefully cross some things off.