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Improving My Git Workflow

So I’ve been a small bit of work on Easy Digital Downloads¬†over on Github. I have GitHub for Windows which I like but have run into a small issue when it comes to creating a smooth workflow. So as it stands right now, I have the repository forked to my account. I then open up GitHub for Windows and clone the repository to my local computer.

But, within GitHub for Windows it has a setting for a default directory which I have set to (C:/wamp/www/git-stuff) so the repository gets cloned to there. Then I have to pull from the master EDD repository if there are updates. From there I copy the git-stuff cloned repository over to a WP install for testing. Once I’m done I send the copied repository back over to the git-stuff repository and then upload back to GitHub and then issue a pull request.

What I would really like to do is just clone my forked repository straight into whatever WP install I need, work on it and then just have to upload it straight from there instead of doing the extra steps of copying. I’m sure there is a way to do this through the command line but my knowledge with the command line is lacking unfortunately.

If anybody comes across this and knows a better solution, mind leaving a comment?

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Using A Google Custom Font For Display In The WordPress Editor

This is only for the display in TinyMCE and not to actually give the WordPress editor font selection. I had to get this working for a theme I was developing for the theme repository so that when creating a post you see the same thing in the backend as you would on the front.

Props goes out to Helen Hou-Sandi for her help over on Twitter.

So as you can see, you just need to use @import for the font to get it working within TinyMCE within editor-style.css.

@import url(;

I had originally searched for this method but couldn’t find anything on Google, the only thing I could find was actually adding in font selection to TinyMCE and not just for the display of the font.