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Removing Footer Links From The MusicStar 2.0 WordPress Theme

If you want to use this theme but don’t want the links in the footer here are the instructions to remove them. You’ve most likely found that just deleting the links from the footer.php file doesn’t work as it brings up a nasty message and you can’t see your site.

I won’t go into explaining making file backups or how to use FTP or how to code in HTML. If you need to learn any of that there are plenty of other sites out there that teaches it.

I would advise making all of these edits at once and then uploading the changed files back into your WP install.

Open up footer.php and remove the offending links located on line 25.

Open up Themater.php located inside the /lib/ folder and comment out or remove line 512 completely. Also in Themater.php on line 513 you’ll need to remove


from within the sidebar code.

Next open up functions.php and remove line 67, the code looks like

function wp_initialize_the_theme_load() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } function wp_initialize_the_theme_finish() { $uri = strtolower($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); if(is_admin() || substr_count($uri, "wp-admin") > 0 || substr_count($uri, "wp-login") > 0 ) { /* */ } else { $l = 'Designed by: <a href="">Wordpress Themes</a> | Thanks to <a href="">Hostgator Coupon</a>, <a href="">Book of Mormon Broadway</a> and <a href="">Mary Poppins Broadway</a>'; $f = dirname(__file__) . "/footer.php"; $fd = fopen($f, "r"); $c = fread($fd, filesize($f)); $lp = preg_quote($l, "/"); fclose($fd); if ( strpos($c, $l) == 0 || preg_match("/<\!--(.*" . $lp . ".*)-->/si", $c) || preg_match("/<\?php([^\?]+[^>]+" . $lp . ".*)\?>/si", $c) ) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } } wp_initialize_the_theme_finish();

Finally open up header.php and on line 1 remove the following code

<?php function wp_initialize_the_theme() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_load") || !function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_finish")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } wp_initialize_the_theme(); ?>

With all of that removed the theme should be working and the links in the footer should be gone.

You’re welcome.