Monthly Archives: December 2011

2012 Goals

Just a list to make myself more accountable for what I usually say I want to do but never actually do.

Web Related

Find more clients/work for design/dev business
Create and sell 6 WordPress themes
Work on making a larger residual income with AdSense
Help people learn more about websites and WordPress
Get hired on with Automattic
Blog more

Financial Related

Make a larger amount of money and more consistent
Get hired on with Automattic
Buy a better car than I have now or fix up my ’66 Mustang
Make $5000 profit in one month

Fitness/Health Related

Bench press my bodyweight
Lose fat. Build muscle.
Get to ~220lbs
Eat cleaner and healthier (only way to build the muscle and keep the fat off)

Hard to say if I will get all of these done…..BUT, at least now I have something to look back on and hopefully cross some things off.

Speed Up vBulletin CMS Homepage Load Time

When visiting the CMS homepage of the vBulletin forum I manage I noticed that it was taking quite some time to load. I was using the ‘Recent Forum Posts’ widget to display posts from the forum.

Curious, I switched over to the ‘Recent Posts With Thread’ widget and loading time became much quicker!

Running a quick test using Chrome’s Developer Tools and the Network option…

Page Load Time

Recent Forum Posts Widget – Around 10 seconds

Recent Posts With Thread Widget – Around 4 seconds

That is a HUGE improvement. I haven’t dug into the SQL query to see exactly what is different but definitely going to stick with the current setup. The widget displays almost exactly like the previous Recent Forum Posts widget.