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WordPress Theme: Steele

Finally! My first actual WordPress theme is ready to be released to the public. In case you are wondering, yes… is free!

It is a little low on overall features for now but I will be adding more updates to it later on. I just had to get it to the point where it was good enough to release as I’ve put it off far too long.

A rather bland color scheme as well but I do plan on adding different color options later on although if somebody does download it and can come up with a color scheme feel free to get in contact with me!

The download is at the link below. Feel free to download the theme and use it if you want, tell your friends and neighbors while you’re at it.

Preview picture for the Steele WordPress Theme

Name: Steele
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 11/8/2011

Download Link:

If you notice any bugs with the download please send me an email through my contact form located at

Note: If you want to be kept up to date on new theme releases as well as updates to themes please subscribe to my mailing list at

Some elements from the TwentyEleven theme were borrowed and used in this theme. Steele does have some features to allow translations but I don’t believe that they are fully supported just yet.

Check If Post Title Exists In WordPress

I was working on a theme and needed to display a link to the post on an archive page when there wasn’t a post title given for that post. It’s rather simple but I figured I’d post it here for anybody else looking.

<?php if ( the_title( ' ', ' ', false ) == "" )
      echo 'No post title';

You can also add an else statement to the above code if you want it to display something if the post title does in fact exist.

<?php if ( the_title( ' ', ' ', false ) == "" ) {
      echo 'No post title';
      } else {
      echo 'The post has a title';