Monthly Archives: October 2011

Add ‘Report Post’ Text To The Report Post Button In vBulletin

The icons at the bottom of each post are somewhat small and your average web user might not realize that they can report posts to you for you to look at. I decided to add some text next to the report post icon so that it stands out more.

Follow the steps below…

  1. Log into your admin CP
  2. Click Style Manager from the Styles & Templates section on the left hand side
  3. Select Edit Templates in the drop down box
  4. Open up the Postbit Templates section and then double click on either “postbit” or “postbit_legacy” depending on your theme
  5. Once the editor is open, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and input “alt=”{vb:rawphrase report_bad_post}” /> –>&nbsp;</a>” into the search box
  6. Add in the text “Report Post” after &nbsp; in the above line
  7. Click Save and Reload